DAOGRAM Acceptable Use Policy

DAOGRAM expects everyone using the platform to adhere to a few basic rules:

No violation of laws or regulations or violation of intellectual property or personal rights of others.

No violence, threats of violence, or threats of harm.

No harassment or attack of a person or a community based on attributes such as race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or disabilities.

No sexualization of minors, nonconsensual sex trafficking, or forced labor.

Do not impersonate other people or provide inaccurate information, post any information within the Service on behalf of third parties without proper permission/consent.

Not to commit unlawful, misleading or deceptive acts or other actions for unlawful or unauthorized purposes. Which includes supporting or glorifying terrorist activities, organized crime, and hate groups.

Not buying or selling firearms, alcohol or tobacco products, or buying or selling drugs, psychotropic drugs, or prescription drugs (even if they are legal in your area).

Do not sell animals of endangered species or parts of their bodies.

Not violate (or assist or encourage others to violate or encourage others to violate) these Terms or the Terms of our other Policies, including our Privacy Policy .

Not interfere with or interfere with the normal operation of the Service, or attempt to gain unauthorized access to any part or feature of the Service, or any network connected to the Service.

Not attempt to create accounts or collect or access information by unauthorized means. This includes creating accounts and collecting information through automated means without our express permission - using any algorithms, methods, techniques, processes, devices to gain access to third-party information using the Service; accessing, purchasing, copying or tracing any part of the Service to reproduce or gain access by bypassing the navigation or display system used on the Service; obtaining or attempting to obtain any materials, documents or information by any means not provided through the service.

Not publish someone else's private or confidential information or perform any

infringe on the rights of others, including intellectual property rights.

Not insult, defame, humiliate, threaten, damage business reputation or otherwise infringe on the rights of other Users and third parties,

Not post, publish or distribute illegal, obscene, harmful information, information provoking or promoting illegal and criminal activity, interethnic or ethnic conflicts, wars, clashes, riots, social unrest, distribute information inciting racial or interethnic hatred and hostility, post instructions to commit criminal or illegal actions, instructions to commit suicide.

Not distribute any software viruses, trojans, corrupted files, spam, phishing or any other items of a destructive or misleading nature.

If you notice any of the above, you may complain about content that you believe is illegal or violates your intellectual property rights by emailing us at info@daogram.world .